View Full Version : Hi from North Yorkshire

06-24-08, 01:54 pm
Hellooooo! I have two pigs and totally new to both this forum and looking after two demanding male guineas. They are currently fighting it out for dominance, despite having lived together in the pet shop for three months. Any advice on how long this stage lasts????

Tina, Bertie and Mitchell.

06-24-08, 02:00 pm
The cage they lived at in the shop is not the same cage they live in now. Establishing dominance is a common occurance. What size cage are you currently using?

06-24-08, 03:55 pm
Not big enough! I'm waiting for a new cage to arrive, so hopefully this will help. They're so funny - they seem to argue for an hour and then wear themselves out so they have to sleep, then they wake and it starts all over again!

06-24-08, 04:59 pm
Besides getting a bigger cage, make sure there are two of everything (pigloos, food dishes, water bottles, etc) in the cage, one for each.

06-25-08, 04:03 am
I've duplicated food and will try to duplicate everything when my cage arrives (please let it be today!). Mitchell is such a tinker tho - he tries to eat the food out of Bertie's mouth!