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06-24-08, 01:25 pm
I just got this idea last night/today but I often am awake very late some nights. While I am awake from 2am-4am and so on I notice my Harvey kinda just looks at me a lot almost hoping I'll go to sleep so he can get some rest. And now it's daytime and hes fighting sleep in the corner. Should I cover up the cage with a large blanket at night to help him get some sleep?

06-24-08, 01:27 pm
Does he have an igloo or some sorta of hidey to sleep in? If he doesn't he should. That will help him get sleep. They don't always close their eyes when they sleep, he may be sleeping and you don't realize it.

06-24-08, 01:32 pm
Guinea pigs take short naps throughout the day and night. They sleep for an average of 10-20 minutes at a time and sleep a total amount of maybe 4 or so hours in any 24 hour period. They do this because they are prey animals and prey animals are always on the alert because of predators. They most often sleep with their eyes open, although some pigs when very comfortable in their surroundings, will close thier eyes.

06-24-08, 01:41 pm
He has a wood hide a way house that he can go into. I just saw him yawn, very cute but makes me think he's tired. I'm going off to night class soon so that should give him some rest I guess.

06-24-08, 02:39 pm
I cover mine piggies at night and they are very quiet.
I dont know if it is because they are covered or because they know my cats can not get them.
They do have more running time in the day. On some occasions when i have forgotten to cover them they tend to lay alot in the day.

06-24-08, 03:44 pm
I have my pigs in a diffrent room so when I go to sleep they are in the dark And it is quite. It helps mine sleep better you! You might what to try it.

Harrys Dad
06-24-08, 06:20 pm
I wouldn't cover the whole cage maybe just the side that faces you and see how it goes. My boys yawn all the time I swear it looks like they will swallow their heads if they yawn any wider.

06-24-08, 08:29 pm
I agree not to cover the whole cage, but maybe make sure he has a dark corner or something so he can sleep if he wants to. My pigs get weird with my schedule because sometimes I work 5p-3a and I always stop in to see them when I'm getting in at 4 or so in the morning - they always look at me like they want me to keep it down and let them get back to sleep.

06-24-08, 09:24 pm
I actually leave a small lamp on so my boys can see when it's dark, and then cover the cage with fleece on the side that has the lamp closest so it's still darkish. Like a big nightlight... :blush:

Harrys Dad
06-25-08, 06:23 pm
I saw a post on here about someone leaving a night light on so now I leave one on right next to their cage.

06-25-08, 06:47 pm
The only time I've partially covered her cage is in the winter. If the night is going to be really cold I feel better knowing that she has a little extra.

Kind of like an extra blankie for your kids.

06-25-08, 07:21 pm
I only cover the sides on my males cage if I have something important going on the next day and cant have him banging on the cage at 5am...other than that I think they are all fine to sleep uncovered. Mine all seem to sleep/be active equally when the light is on and when the light is off. I try and give them natural daylight hours though and cant really understant nightlights because they are capable of getting around in the dark and I think they need that natural break of light =S

Harrys Dad
06-26-08, 06:12 pm
cant really understant nightlights because they are capable of getting around in the dark and I think they need that natural break of light =S

Hm maybe I will rethink this!

06-26-08, 06:17 pm
My piggies seem to sleep throughout the day....at night, when I go to bed, I turn the light down in the piggie room. It's on a dimmer...I never turn it completely off....

06-26-08, 07:03 pm
@camende: Why not turn it completely off at night? Piggies can see perfectly fine in the dark. :)

:) My piggies seem to get in a few laps around the cage the minute I turn the light off, then maybe 15-20 minutes later settle down.

06-26-08, 09:17 pm
Why do we leave nightlights? Because our pigs are like our kids. :D