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06-24-08, 11:56 am
GL says one of the things to kind of have in your "medical" bag for piggies is neosporin (for topical use) but to use it very sparingly because of the bacitracin.

I have a tube of Neosporin (for myself) and I just happened to take a look at the active ingredients, which are Neomycin, Polymyxin b and Pramoxine HCL (no Bacitracin). The pramoxine is an external analgesic, not an antibiotic. This isn't standard Neosporin, it says Neosporin Maximum Strength + Pain Relief (hence, the pramoxine).

I don't need neosporin for anything with my pigs at the moment but I'm wondering if this would be a safer option if I ever do need it for anything with them. I'm thinking yes because there's no bacitracin, but I'm wondering if the pramoxine is potentially harmful to them also. If it isn't wouldn't it be wiser to use this product if I ever needed to?

I searched GL for "pramoxine" and didn't see it on the dangerous medications list so I'm just wondering if anyone here has any answers or thoughts.

06-24-08, 12:51 pm
The standard Neosporin does have bacitracin in it. I did a search of the gl forums for pramoxine and one thread said not to use the neosporin with pain relief but yet another thread said to apply it (the type you have) very sparingly. I think with any type of neosporin, you want to apply it as sparingly as you can.

06-24-08, 02:28 pm
You want the plain neosporin, without steroids or anything.

06-26-08, 11:00 am
When Grizzly had bite wounds from a fight I used the neosporin with pain relief. I had no problems. He had about 6-7 places that needed it and he was fine.