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ms pixie riot
06-23-08, 03:54 pm
My two adopted piggers, Page and Plant (the name change has stuck, it's really appropriate for them) have really long nails. They're 10 mos old and I don't think their nails have ever really been clipped.

They're getting a little bit more comfortable with me holding them (they've been with me for just over a week) but they still get sort of twitchy, and they do NOT want to be held up to have their nails clipped.

Should i give them another week or two to adjust, or should i be trying to get this done ASAP?

06-23-08, 04:00 pm
If they've never had their nails clipped, they need it done asap as it's very uncomfortable for them to have that long of a nail. The nails grow so long that they can twist or grow up into the soft area of their paws.

06-24-08, 03:48 pm
As said, it does need to be done ASAP. Remember to watch out for the Quick when you cut the nails. You don't want to cut that tended vein.

ms pixie riot
06-24-08, 04:28 pm
I'm lucky, three of my four pigs have white paws, so the quick is very visible.

06-24-08, 04:29 pm
Very lucky.
Patch's quick is hard to see.

ms pixie riot
06-24-08, 05:25 pm
Is it feasible, so that I don't get scratched up, to kind of wrap her up in the piece of fleece she loves to snuggle in, so that she only has one paw out at a time? I think it would be safer for her too, because she'd be in one place and that would make it easier for me to trim and avoid the quick.

06-24-08, 05:30 pm
Putting one of mine wrapped up in a towel is the only easy way to trim his nails. The other one is fine without the towel and my last one hates it in or out, he's just a fighter.