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06-22-08, 08:16 pm
Well, I just made my first attempt at building a C&C cage, and I don't know how you all do it. I have gone through the photo galleries here and all of your cages look so nice, so I assumed it wouldn't be that difficult. All I'm shooting for right now is a single level 2x6 with a lid. I measured, hooked the cubes together, cut and scored and taped the Coroplast, and went to drop the Coroplast box inside the cubes and guess what? The Coroplast bottom is way to big! Now my Coroplast is all mangled and taped together, and I still can't get it to fit inside the cubes. I'm giving up for the night, hopefully I can figure something out with it tomorrow.

06-22-08, 09:46 pm
Maybe try putting the cubes on the inside of the coroplast. Good luck.

06-23-08, 07:07 am
Sometimes it can be hard getting the coroplast to bend in the right spot. What I did was after I measured the part that needed to be bent I drew a line across the area then I used one of the extra grids by placing the grid along the line and bending the coroplast against it. It worked for me. I hope this helps.

06-24-08, 01:07 pm
I fixed my cage! I ended up having to take the cubes apart and fit them around the Coroplast base so everything would fit together, so I ended up with a 2x5 1/2 cage. Now all I have left to do is cut the wire shelf that I got for the lid, attach it to the cage, and move the piggies in!

Harrys Dad
06-24-08, 06:25 pm
That is the way to do it by working around the problem. Good work.