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06-22-08, 05:57 pm
Hello everyone. I was doing a search on different guinea pig things and came across this forum. Did a little reading and am finding that there is a lot that I need to learn.

My kids 11 and 8 have been telling and asking me for a guinea pig for weeks. Every time we go into our local Petsmart store they have them almost as soon as you walk in the door $35.00 a piece. I said NO WAY. Well about 1 week ago I didn't have the kids and after work went into our local SPCA and guess what the day before they had gotten a litter in a mother and 5 babies approx 6-7 weeks old. Babies were 2 female and 3 males. They told me the night before the animal control officer found them at his front door in a cardboard box, and mentioned that they weren't even sure they were going to make it. Well I hesitated that day but guess what I went back the next day and bought the 2 females. We named them Cinnamon and Speakers. The lady at the SPCA did warn me though that either one of the two could possibly be pregnant since they were all in the same cage. I have only had them about a week and been keeping a close eye on them. My kids love them and show them a lot of attention.

My main reason for coming here is to learn as much as I can and be prepared it anything does happen. I hope to get to discuss a few things with some of you, and build up my knowledge of piggies. Hopefully soon I will get a good picture so I can post how cute they are.

See ya all later.

06-22-08, 06:08 pm
Welcome to the GP forum.

Thank you so much for adopting rather than buying from a petstore. You can feel good you rescued two lives. :)

Again, welcome, and I hope you learn lots.

06-22-08, 10:17 pm
Welcome! I'm still new here, but I've learned a lot from the wisdom here. Good job to you for getting your new additions from the local SPCA. Mine, Yoshi and Sadie, came from an owner that no longer wanted them. Once again, welcome! :)

06-23-08, 11:07 am
I'm so proud you adopted. What a great surprise for your children, and something you can learn with them. Enjoy your piggies and good luck if babies are in your future. Please post us some pigtures.

Harrys Dad
06-23-08, 05:43 pm
Welcome to the board and hopefully neither of your girls is pregnant.

06-23-08, 08:20 pm
Hi and welcome from a fellow newbie!

My 11 and 8 year old kiddos just got Penny 2 wheeks! ago from a friend who no longer wanted her. Isn't it a wonderful thing to see a child loving on a little cuddly friend?

I've learned that I was feeding her all the wrong stuff and that her cage was too small. Now, though, I think she qualifies as Spoiled.