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06-22-08, 01:39 pm
When i sign on to this website (onto my profile) nothing comes upp! All that comes up is ... My profile,,FAQ,,Members,,chat,,scheduled chats,,new posts e.t.c all on a green strip..... Under neath that is a blue box with 'control panel written in it,, it then when you click on the arrow comes up with all the forums ( cages,,feeds,, e.t.c) how can i view my profile like other people can see my page?????? Also when setting up the page (writing things e.g about me e.t.c the 'HOBBIES' one doesnt show!! Sorry if this doesn't make sense i tried my best........ Thanks Help much appreciated!! just leave a message on my page.

Laura owner of 4 naughty piggies!!!

06-25-08, 11:52 am
When I click on your name and choose profile, I see the following:

Hi my name is Laura. I love guinea pigs lots!
Guinea Pigs:
I have 4 guinea pigs. I first brought Fudge and Toffee from a pet shop. These were my first guinea pigs. After a few days we discovered we had brought them with mites. But after a large bill later they were fine! My other 2 guinea pigs Marge and Mabl
My Cage:
My guinea pigs are separated. The two older ones have a cage and the two younger ones live together on the bottom hutch. They two hutches are a descent size with separated feeding area a sleeping area. They are put out on the grass when it is sunny.
My Cage Page:
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, other combination, Constructed Cage (non C&C)