View Full Version : Mesh grids for rat cage?

06-22-08, 12:05 pm
I just got 2 young (1 is 6-7 weeks, the other 10-11 weeks) male ratties a few days ago and they have a cage that is plenty big enough for them, but I want one bigger so they can have more tubes, hammocks, ladders etc and was wondering if the mesh grids can be used if I covered up the corners? I would make it 2x2x2/3 and put the coroplast (5-10mm) on the inside with "paper keepers" on top then attach the grids to a peice of ply wood ( U-nails?) and then attach that to "they're" chest of draws (so the cats dont pull the cage off accidently) and the obviously make up some cat-deter spray for around the cage (over the chest of draws, round the floor etc) to try keep the cats away. Idea's/suggestions/etc welcome.

Anybody have experience with this kind of cage?

06-22-08, 05:53 pm
In the photo galleries under "cages for other pets", do a search for "rat mansion". It may give you some answers. Another member made an extremely cool cage for their ratties using the mesh grids and they address the corner issue.

Rattie Mom
06-23-08, 03:46 pm
Ratties under the age of 4 months (6 if they are small or female) should not be in a cage with mesh bigger than 1/2" x 1 " spacing. We have our adults in 1"x1" mesh. Young ratties can (and will) try to put their heads through the mesh and can get caught. I have heard way too many horror stories of babies breaking their necks in 1x1 inch spacing. I also learned the hard way that 6 week old males can even squeeze OUT of 1x1 inch spacing. Any bigger of spacing and the youngsters can get out, NO problem.

With all that said, the C&C grids are definitely too big for rattie babies. Probably full grown adults as well.

One other rattie owner here, recently made a C&C cage, and wrapped it with hardware mesh. You might do a search....she did post pics.