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06-22-08, 09:45 am
;) Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm considering building a CC cage for my rats, and potentially a rabbit I might be adopting later in the year. Does anyone here keep anything other than guineas in their CC cages? How do you keep them together? Dont the rats/rabbits etc just chew through zip ties? I have the chewiest rats on the planet and I cant see them respecting cable ties unless I used about a million. Does anyone have any other ideas regarding keeping the grids together?

06-22-08, 11:25 am
The connectors that come with the grids.

06-22-08, 11:53 am
I have 3 adult male rats and they can get through grids. I don't think grids are appropriate for rat cages at all. You can make a large 2 story for your bunny though.

I'm moving this to the rat section.

06-22-08, 05:57 pm
Go to the photo galleries, under "cages for other pets", search for "rat mansion". This rattier (a real word?) did a great cube cage for ratties.

06-22-08, 06:11 pm
Sorry for the double post. The thought occurred to me after my edit time expired. There are grids that look like chrome that might work for your rabbit. I don't think that they are painted. There are lots of ideas in the photo galleries.

06-23-08, 05:42 am
Hi Frank, the rats would be able to chew the connectors no problem.

Ly&pigs, where I am you can get grids which are meshed with very small holes, absolutely no way a rat could fit through them.

Thanks Toadies. :)

06-24-08, 11:05 am
The mesh grids may work where the regular grids won't unless wrapped in hardware cloth.