View Full Version : Alterative to fleece cozy

06-22-08, 07:32 am
I was wondering what i could use instead of fleece for my cozy.
Both my boys are to hot in this very hot weather but still want to lay in the cozy.
I was going to make some more cozies but not sure what i can use.
I was thinking of using cotton material.

any ideas very welcome.

06-22-08, 08:40 pm
The reason fleece is good is because it will wick away moisture so your pigs don't lie in a damp bed. Fleece is best for the inside of a cozy, though cotton works for the outside. What type of cozy are you using? Cuddle cups are good in the summer because they are open as opposed to sacks.

If your pigs are really hot, you could wrap a frozen water bottle in a towel to lay against. Your pig would be snuggling up to something soft while staying cool. I know some people's pigs will cuddle up to a bottle, though mine rarely do. I have a big tile that I place a thin layer of fabric over for them to lay on, again, it is soft as well as cool for them.

06-23-08, 09:38 am
Thank you for your thoughts.
It is a good idea to put a tile under them, I will try this and maybe the cold bottle too.