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06-21-08, 07:23 am
A couple of weeks ago I bult my two piggies a 2x3 C&C. I have one boar and one sow. The space that I have to work with is rather small so cage space is limited. I've decided to get rid of some stuff in an attempt to build a bigger cage. I am not sure if I should go with a 2x4, 3x3 or maybe a 2x5. All advice and suggestions are welcome. It would all be appreciated. I'm going to try to find the time to extend the cage this weekend.

06-21-08, 07:38 am
Right now I also have a 1x2 upper level. I just went and bought 2 boxes of cubes from target the other day. I'm just nnot sure what to do right now. Please help. Thanks.

06-21-08, 08:44 am
The amount of room and cage space is larger if you go 3X3. It's really just a preference for you and the amount of room you have. My cages are 3 grids wide and I like them a whole lot better then 2 grids wide.

06-21-08, 03:49 pm
Is one of your pigs altered?

Harrys Dad
06-21-08, 06:48 pm
Check out the photo galleries there you will find a whole bunch of idea's for your cage.

06-22-08, 04:11 am
I would go for the biggest cage you can possibly fit.
A 2x5 is the biggest (10 sq grids). Next best would be the 3x3 (9 sq grids), then the 2x4 (8 sq grids).

06-22-08, 11:48 am
I think a 2x5 would be great!

06-22-08, 04:38 pm
My boy piggie has been altered.