View Full Version : Cozy question

06-20-08, 11:32 pm
I'm going to be going through my clothes and getting rid of things that I'll probably never fit into again. Most things, I can donate, but there are a few pairs of jeans with holes in places that make them undonatable. Would jean legs make a good outside for soft tunnels and/or cozies? They're US size 10 and 12, so not particularly narrow or wide. (I get tapered when I can--can't stand boot leg or flared--though I do have a couple straight-legged pants.)

Harrys Dad
06-21-08, 07:06 pm
Don't know about the tunnels but they would work for the outside of cozies.

06-21-08, 07:13 pm
Denim if fine with pigs, however I'd be concerned that without a fleece layer on the inside, the denim would get wet and stay wet.

06-21-08, 08:38 pm
I didn't even think about how long denim stays wet, darn it.