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06-20-08, 02:19 pm
I recently adopted a wonderful little cavy named Bubba. My husband and I quickly fell have fallen in love with him and I enjoy pampering him! He was nuetered in April (through the Humane Society where I adopted him). I noticed on Monday two growths near his rear (where the surgery would have been). I had taken him to a supposed exotic animal vet and they originally told me he not nuetered and so I assumed it was that. But one side started to get bigger. So I immediatly contacted the doctor who performed his surgery who assured me he def. was neutered. I set up an appointment and when I went home to get him one of the growths had popped and my little piggy smelled funny (like a dead animal). I took him in and they had to keep him over night to give him steroids and would call me (that was last night). I just got a call from the nurse who said he does indeed have two abcesses at the neuter site and would need to undergo surgery to correct the other one that had not drained. She told me their is a chance he may have to be euthanized if the abcess is in the tissue or something like that, I could not quite fully understand the medical lingo.
Nonetheless I am SO distraught and am waiting to hear back wether he can be "saved".
Anyone else gone through this?? I miss my piggy so much!

06-21-08, 12:06 am
Abscesses after a neuter are unfortunately not uncommon. I have never heard of a pig having to be euthanized from them though. Generally the vet will open them up and drain them, and stitch them back up, possibly with a drain (a short length of tube sticking out of the abscess) to help keep them open. You will probably have to flush out the pus every day or twice a day, using a sterile saline solution or diluted betadine or chlorhexidine. (Peroxide will damage healthy tissues, and alcohol burns, so neither one is recommended.) It will be gross and disgusting and go on for a while, but your little boar will eventually heal up with his bits all clean from the inside out.

06-21-08, 06:03 am
My pig had an abcess from a bite from a fight that smelled terrible. The vet put him under and cleaned it out thoroughly. He was put on Baytril for ten days, I had to soak the area with warm wet washcloths twice a day and I flushed it out with saline solution twice a day.

He healed just fine. Nothing there to show he ever had an abcess. It should be okay if treated properly.

06-21-08, 11:36 am
Ditto to what Salana said. I'm not too sure I would trust that vet at all, though. Bummer.

06-25-08, 11:38 am
Well good news. The vet performed surgery on him last Friday, kept him for the weekend and I was able to pick up a healthy piggy Monday! They said he got through the surgery well and sent me home with 7 days of pain medication and antibiotics- which has been quite an interesting feat getting him to take! I have been checking the surgery site daily and it looks fine- the fact that they shaved his whole belly helps too! He has been eating his hay, pellets, and veggies and seems happy..Thanks to all who replied.

06-25-08, 03:25 pm
I'm so glad he's ok. I'm sure he will be back to his old self before you know it. Extra veggies and cuddles will help too!

06-25-08, 09:48 pm
What pain meds and antibiotics?

Try bribing him with something yummy after his medicine--like a delicious blueberry. He'll become so excited when it's medicine time that he might be quite upset when he finishes his antibiotics.