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12-22-04, 07:48 pm
I got some fleece to try out as a bedding surface but I was wondering what people put in between the fleece usually, I have heard -Fleece- -Towel- -Fleece-

or -Fleece- -Cotton Batting- -Fleece- but I was just wondering if anyone has tried anything else. Also what is cotton batting?

12-27-04, 07:23 pm
I am also going to use fleece soon but i have heard of people using crib padding-fleece or layers of newspapers-fleece

People say that double layers of fleece smell more than just one.

I don't know what cotton batting is.

12-27-04, 07:43 pm
Cotton batting is normally used in quilts. It can be found in the fabric section of most stores like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc or at fabric stores. It absorbs urine.

Alot of people will make pads using one layer of towel on the bottom, then a layer or two of batting then a layer of fleece on top.

I bed with fleece and here is how I do it. I put down a layer of newspaper, a layer of puppy training pads or incontinence pads then one layer of fleece on top of it. This works very well for me. I change the fleece in the loft every other day and change the fleece on the main floor about every 5 days. I change the pads as needed. There are reusable washable incontinence pads that you can buy as well and I am planning on investing in a few of those to save the cost of buying them all the time.

Some put a layer of towels then a layer of fleece and some put just newspaper under the fleece and change the newspaper daily, some put a crib pad under the fleece.

01-02-05, 12:35 pm
Hi all,

My daughters and I have been slaves to our boys, Deano and Brownie, since October '04. Loving every minute! And thankful for this website and it's information and helpful folks.

I built a 2x3 C&C cage right away (it hangs off the table edge a bit) and it's in our family room where the piggies can make maximum use of us. I am planning a second level, probably also 2x3, so they can see right into the kitchen and make sure we're fixing treats properly (haha). Anyway, been using Carefresh from the local feed supply, but the big bag only lasts thru just over 2 complete changes (we do a complete change every 5-6 days). I like everything about it, but the cost, which will increase as the new level is added. Also I find it difficult to spot-clean, as they poop everywhere and I end up scooping out as much litter as poop during a spot-clean.

So...looking for a less expensive, low-allergenic, and odor-control option. The fleece/newspaper option looks attractive. How thick should the fleece be? Does it hold up well to multiple washings, or would it do better sewn to a crib pad? Also, for the sake of the pigs should I put out a layer of hay on one of the levels, in addition to the fleece? They are fed Timothy hay now (Oxbow) in a bowl but they pull it out. It seems too stiff to me to be used for bedding and to play in.

I saw some corner-shaped litter pans in the store...might try those since the boys tend to pee in the corner anyway. What should I fill it with...maybe just carefresh?

I will post pics of the cage when finished. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

01-02-05, 06:08 pm
guinea pigs LOVE playing in hay i would let them run around in it. there is a lot of talk about fleece in the cavy chat section i would check that out.

01-02-05, 07:37 pm
OK, thanks! Should I use the timothy hay or just "regular" baled hay...the timothy seems awfully stiff.

01-02-05, 07:46 pm
timothy unless your pigs are under 8 months. If your timothy isnt second cut , that could be the reaon. Oxbow is one of the best hay people around

01-02-05, 08:58 pm
Oxbow's sort of stalky and dusty, but it's better than some others, I'll give it that. I live by www.kmshayloft.com (http://www.kmshayloft.com) hay.

01-04-05, 07:10 pm
dagwell...thanks. I'm not sure if it's 2nd cut, I can't find anything on the bag about it. It is nice and green, smells good...just a little stiffer than I imagined bedding should be.

mncavylover...I'll check out that link, thanks! Are you in MN now? My husband is from there (Alexandria)

01-06-05, 01:10 pm
I need an advice so I can fix the problem tonight. All my girls likes to kick the food out of the feeder. I am now using fleece and its becoming a mess with food everywhere. should I build a small 2nd level for feeding area or not. I thought of a 1x2 or a 1x3 2nd level just for food only. Ill keep water on the bottom floor and maybe one on the 2nd level. Help so I can decide befor my husband gets home. I'd liek to have it done before hand. Im not sure if I really want a 2nd level but if it helps the mess I probably will.


01-06-05, 06:56 pm
Thats what I did. I built a loft just for food and it helps so much. In the loft they have hay, water, pellets and they get their veggies up there as well. I do take the fleece off the loft everyday and shake it out to get poop and hay off but hardly any of the hay gets down to the main level and they have the whole main level for sleeping and playing.

I did some rearranging in the cage today because I was tired of them pulling all the hay out of the rack and just throwing it around and they weren't really using the litterbox so I took the litterbox and put hay in it and it's now up in the loft and they sit in it and eat. I took the old hayrack and it is now a veggie rack.

Also with the food all being in the loft, they get lots of exercise going up and down the ramp to eat. I have water bottles on both levels.

01-06-05, 07:10 pm
I just got done with the loft and it looks so much better. I now have a 1x3 size loft. I ran out of cubes to do it bigger. I got 17 girls. I left the water bottles on the bottom level but I am gonna put one water bottle on the loft. I use a big towel on top of the coroplast. My holly who is only 3 months old was the first baby up the ramp to the loft she loves eating out of my hand but hates being picked up. I got pics of them on here. http:angelscavies.photosite.com/cavies/. I have about 100 to 150 pics of all the piggies we have and had. The ones that we dont have now is Muffy, Scruffy, Reese, and Chewie. The rest are still here.

It is so much nicer with a loft for food and it opens up space on the first floor for sleeping and litter pans. They use the litter pans well and still go potty through out the cage. But not as much as the litter pan. I know that when my husband gets home he is gonna be mad and say to me are you done doing their cages and I hate having second level cause it takes away room/

Beleive me I got a 5x6 and a 3x5 cage connected together with a divider. I got pics up in here bedding. I just took pics with fleece and loft. I love it and its staying up.

01-07-05, 03:52 am
dagwell...thanks. I'm not sure if it's 2nd cut, I can't find anything on the bag about it. It is nice and green, smells good...just a little stiffer than I imagined bedding should be.
You shouldnt be using hay as beddint its not absorbant at all and guinea pigs will eat it.

01-07-05, 09:03 pm
for your info. My husband loves the loft and he was pleased to see it done. He was happy and he gave me a sweet kiss.

01-07-05, 11:38 pm
Dagwell-people can and do use hay as bedding. It is perfectly fine to do so but they should change out any damp hay once or twice a day and remove any prickly stalks out of it. And of course the piggies will eat it, it's hay! Some piggies love to run, play, eat, sleep, pee and poo in their hay. I wouldn't use straw as bedding though.

Angel-I am so glad that you and your hubby both love the loft. Maybe you can expand it some more when you get more cubes. Has it been easier with the hay mess since you made it?