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06-18-08, 07:57 pm
First of all , let me introduce my rabbits.

Both are mini rex.

The intact cute female, Lena
The neutered charming male, Whiskas (he likes cat food...)

Anyways...Lena has had 3 litters, throughout 3 years, mating Whiskas.

I decided to stop when I got some information on rabbit breeding. So, in February or March :rolleyes: I got Whiskas neutered.

I've set up little "dates" for my bunnies recently to know each other as friends, not mates.

I won't go on to want happened on the dates...but in the first date they did hump (if that's the right word...) each other.
Probably for dominance....?

Anyways, today I checked Lena's hidey-house (where she always got her babies in) because I saw a lot of fur sticking out.

And sure enough, I found a nest that she made recently.

I've also spotted her pulling out fur just today...for the nest.

She can't be pregnant...can she???

Edit: The dates were outside in a run, that neither knew...

06-18-08, 08:04 pm
If he's truly neutered then it's most likely a false pregnancy. She's been bred so many times that now, when she's mounted by a male, her mind thinks she's pregnant and she starts to exhibit signs of pregnancy and nest building.

If you are in any doubt then take BOTH rabbits to the vet. Take Lena to see if she's pregnant and take Whiskas to make certain the neuter is complete.

06-18-08, 08:08 pm
OK, I'll wait a few more days to see any changes, otherwise I'll probably take her to the vet.
Thank you!

06-19-08, 11:04 am
How long did you leave the male before re-introducing him to the female?

06-19-08, 04:04 pm
Your rabbit shouldn't be eating cat food, as rabbits are herbivores and cannot digest meat. I think that if your rabbit was pregnant you'd know by now, but just to be sure, how long did you wait until after your male was neutered to date them?
Also you should really get your female spayed, she's got a very good chance of developing reproductive disorders or cancers.

06-30-08, 01:09 pm
Ya...my rabbit got out by accedident at that time and when I went to find him he was more interested in eating the cat food than the lettuce...he forgot what cat food tastes like by now - it was so long ago.

It was about 2 months or over before they met.

I'll see about getting her spayed...when I have the money...costs over $100 and I need to go to a vet an hour away. Whiskas was neutered in town, but they don't do rabbit spays...

06-30-08, 01:09 pm
**She seems fine now though. Lena really must have just thought she was pregnant...