View Full Version : Introducing new piggy--need bigger cage

06-18-08, 08:31 am
I currently have 1 boar in a 2x3. Once quarantine is over (which now may be longer than orginally anticipated) we are looking at making a 2x4. Will this be good for 2 boars or should we go bigger? Is the coroplast wide enough to do something like a 3x4? My hubby said he doesn't think so. I figured I'd go to the experts and see if you've done this. Also, with it getting this big, do I need roof supports? We have cats, so we have a roof on top also made of the cubes that are hinged on one side for opening. And a locking part so that it can't accidentally be opened.

ms pixie riot
06-18-08, 09:35 am
I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning a 5x3 and I've seen lots of other people make cages that big, so I'm guessing that either a) the coroplast can be bought wide enough, or b) extra is just attached onto the side using clear packing tape.

06-18-08, 10:52 am
With a 3 grid wide cage, you can get about 3" sides from a full 48" wide sheet of coroplast. If you need higher sides then you would need to tape some coroplast together.

As far as roof supports, you'd have to build the cage and see. If you do need them then some pvc piping cut to fit may work for supports.

06-18-08, 11:26 am
If you use fleece, you don't really need the coroplast. You can use many other things, such as shower curtains, tarps, large plastic bags (I use 55gal 'contractor' trash bags, one when unfolded is perfect size for a 2x4), or anything else that won't let the pee through.

06-18-08, 12:13 pm
I have a 3X4. My coroplast has been configured so many times to make different sizes, so mine is taped together. It's still waterproof and I still have my 6 inch sides all around.

06-19-08, 06:38 am
What kind of tape do you use to tape together the coroplast? A plastic packing tape? do you fit it together on the edges or overlap it?

06-19-08, 08:30 am
Mine is overlaped and I do use the clear packaging tape.

Harrys Dad
06-19-08, 04:06 pm
Mine is side by side but yes use the clear tape the pigs won't notice it as easily (I hope)