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06-18-08, 03:44 am
Cutting the hair of my long haired piggies has always been difficult. I am more than aware that it is a necessary part of maintaining happy and healthy piggies. In the past I have always struggled along with scissors but I was wondering if it were more advisable to cut it with scissors or electric rasers? He isn't a show piggy, just a sheltie that needs his hair out of his way to allow freedom of movement. Any suggestions are welcome.

06-19-08, 06:32 pm
The noise from electric clippers often scare them. Many people just go the route of normal scissors.

My Baby Mu
06-19-08, 08:21 pm
I give mine a trim with scissors. If you get actual dog grooming scissors, such as from the company Wahl, they work so much better than regular scissors.

Electric clippers are loud and if you put it against their skin the vibrations could scare them (this even happens to dogs).

06-20-08, 06:43 am
Thank you My Baby Mu and Ziggy&Herald. I'll keep up with the scissors. Thank you!

Wheek Weak
06-20-08, 12:23 pm
We just trim Otus' hair with scissors. He won't win any Fabio look-alike contests, but his little bum stays cleaner and drier!

Harrys Dad
06-20-08, 03:03 pm
Ok who is going to come and clip Harry's hair?