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06-18-08, 01:23 am
So, anyways I'm back. Haven't been online in awhile, busy taking caring of my Midnight. This whole thing started saturday night after I got off work from a nine hour shift at work. I get home around eleven oclock and go in to say hello to my piggies. I noticed that standing right next to the cage it had a touch of stench to it and if I'm standing right next to it thats enough reason for me to clean it out. So I'm taking all of their stuff out of the cage and Midnight raises up his back end and squeals in pain. At first I thought he was just talking to me but he kept on doing it every couple of minutes while in the petstore cage I put them in while I'm cleaning their big one out. So at this time is about one in the morning and decide to give him overnight to improve. Well, I wake up and he is still sqealing in pain periodically every couple of minutes so I call my local vet around one pm (he is in church until around that time). I tell him all his symptoms and he decides to make a house call thinking that he might be backed up in the rear end section, but nope he's not. Oh yeah, I weighed him two weeks ago and he was at 1380grams, now he's down to 1092 (seems like alot of weight loss for such a short period of time). Anyways he decides it would be best to wait until the next day when he has access to all of his tools and tricks of the trade at his office. So I take midnight in the next day and he decides to take a urine sample for starters, we both stared in amazement when his urine came out very cloudy to the point it was almost a white color. He said it looked like a clear sign of infection in the bladder area plus he could feel his bladder wall had thickened up some over night. Anyways he decided to check it out under a microscrope and put some a test strip. Sure enough it came back positive for a high white blood cell count confirming that he had a UTI. He put him on baytril, 6 tenths of a ml once a day for a week, he gave him his first shot at the office and then I'm going to give the rest orally at home. So, I wake up this morning and go in to give his medicine and now his eyes and nose is all crusty so I called him again at his office and he now thinks he has a URI now, port guy. So he said that the baytril will treat the URI as well as the UTI. Well now that I've ranted on for so long about my poor little one prayers and any advice that some might have would be welcome. Thanks Again for everyones patience with such long messages.

06-18-08, 02:56 am
So sorry your Midnight is not feeling so well. Do hope he is better real soon.

06-18-08, 07:18 am
Poor little guy. I hope he's feeling better soon.

06-18-08, 09:31 am
Make sure you watch his eating. Baytril can be upseting to a tummy.

Hope he feels well soon.

06-18-08, 10:01 am
Yeah, he hasn't been eating very well for a couple of days now so I've been hand feeding him by syringe for a couple of days. Just made a mash out of the pellets, it's hard to get into the small 1ml syringe I have though. I will be going to get a bigger one later this afternoon.

06-18-08, 10:44 am
You may want to give him some probiotics about 2 hours after the AB's if they are affecting his appetite.

06-18-08, 02:30 pm
What kind do u mean? He mentioned giving him some good bacteria of some sort. Is that what you're talking about? Or something else?

06-18-08, 02:47 pm
Yes, probiotics: Guinea Lynx :: Probiotics (http://www.guinealynx.info/probiotics.html)

If you don't see improvement, I'd get an x ray to rule out bladder stones.

06-18-08, 02:54 pm
How quickly should he improve? I gave him 1ml of his cagemates poop mixed with a bit of water about ten minutes ago and he's still pretty much the same.
Does it take a couple of hours to take affect?

06-18-08, 06:26 pm
Hi, I'm sorry to hear about Midnight's troubles. But I know where you are coming from. My poor Spudd and Spazz have been on antibiotics twice to clear up their infections. The vet had prescribed Baytril the first time, then when they became sick again, The vet prescribed ciprofloxacin, of which was prescribed for me when I was fighting an infection. So-far-so-good. I'll put in a prayer for Midnight.

06-18-08, 10:58 pm
Just getting online now to let everyone know Midnight passed away around seven this evening. We were taking him out to my parents house so the vet wouldn't have so far to drive to see him and he started having a seizure on the way, it only lasted about two minutes and he was gone after that. I am very upset, I wish I could have caught it sooner then I did. Anyways, we are getting an autopsy done on him tomorrow afternoon. I let his cagemate say goodbye in private for about five minutes in the cage when we got home tonight. I am also going to get a good checkup done on Ralphy, his cagemate hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I think he'll be fine but I'm doing it to be on the safe side. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes, this forum is definetly a blessing to me and my piggers. Well now pig :( I think I might start crying again, I better go.

06-19-08, 12:08 am
So sorry you lost your Midnight.

06-19-08, 01:23 am
I'm sorry.

06-19-08, 06:55 am
I'm so sorry about Midnight. He had a great piggy life. You did a great job of taking care of him, but unfortunately sometimes these things happen.

My thoughts are with you.

06-19-08, 09:11 am
Yeah, he'll getting an autopsy done on him this afternoon and I will let everyone know what the results are. I wasn't going to get it done but if it can give my veterinarian more experience with guinea pigs and therefore be able to give a better quality of care to the next one he sees then I'm all for it. Plus I want to know if what he died from is contagious because I still have his cagemate Ralphy in good health and I'd like to keep it that way. The rescue I got Midnight and Ralphy from is going to be paying to have the autopsy done and also wants to give me a cagemate for Ralphy when one becomes available. We are thinking maybe a young female that has been spayed so we don't have any unwanted litters running around. I would get another male but I think it would be best to get a female since he's just lost what could only be described as his brother even though though they weren't born from the same litter. They had their little bouts of "I'm the dominant one" but they always got over it quickly and went on loving each other just the same. In alot of ways I think the human race has alot to learn from our four legged friends. I know I have.

06-19-08, 09:20 am
So sorry to hear about your loss. My heat goes out to you. It is so very painful to lose a pet you love.

06-19-08, 12:31 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope Ralphy turns out to be OK.

06-20-08, 12:00 am
Well, we got the autopsy results and it seems he had a kidney stone that was blocking parts of his bladder and urinary tract. The vet said it was a centimeter long and a centimeter wide, so basically the size of a small marble is what I was told. He said that is why the baytril didn't kick in like it should and he died so quickly. I am said that he is gone but at least I know the reason why. I only wish we could have removed the stone and saved his life but I guess it's to late to think about the things we should have done and now move on to taking care of the pigger I still have with me. Ralphy has a clean bill of health by the way, I know some of you were wondering. Though I think I might still take him to the vet in Albuquerque, NM when we go to get a new cagemate for Ralphy. That might be a couple of months down the road though so I was thinking about going down sooner rather than later.

06-20-08, 09:04 pm
I'm so sorry.

06-21-08, 04:43 pm
I'm so sorry, just give him all the love in the world and lots of hugs and kiss.( there the best medicine you can give)HOpe he gets better!