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06-16-08, 03:53 pm
So I was wondering about new cage ideas. I have a medium cage right now with a second level but it isnt very stable and I want to make the cage bigger so I was wondering should I get a small cage and add it on to the bottom or try to fix and improve the second level? My mom said that should would order me a small cage from ebay so now all i have to do is decide. Any ideas would be great.

06-16-08, 04:45 pm
What tpye of cage do you have? Do you have a c&c cage. If so, you could always expand it. If not you could build one.

It's really inexpensive to build one. When I did the math I realized that it was cheaper to purchase the materials to build a c&c cage than it was to buy it off of ebay and pay for shipping and handling. I just built my piggies first c&c about a week ago. I wish I had done my research properly the first time around, I would have saved sooo much money. Now I have 3 cages. I keep one at my mom's house, my piggies live in their c&c and I have an extra cage that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. I may just store it at my dad's house in case I need to keep them there when I'm away.

Anyway, if I knew about the c&c cages before I got my piggies, their first and only cage would have been a c&c. I'm already planning on expanding their cage ( I just have to get rid of some furniture first).

I hope I was able to be of assistance to you. Good luck.

06-16-08, 08:11 pm
I'd invest in getting a C&C cage rather than buying another pet store cage and trying to make several levels. They need at least one flat surface with the recommended size to run around.