View Full Version : New member from NC

06-16-08, 11:29 am
Hello from Western North Carolina!
I just joined today. I am looking to adopt a pair of pigs in the future and wanted to learn as much as possible about them.
I love the cage ideas and all the pictures posted.

06-16-08, 11:48 am
Hey, another NCer! Welcome to the forum! :)

Harrys Dad
06-16-08, 03:01 pm
Welcome aboard KavyKat. Yeah there is a lot of information on here I am still learning new things and hope I will continue to learn new things from here.

06-17-08, 12:16 pm
Welcome to GPC. This site is a gold mine for excellent cavy care. Hope you enjoy looking around and feel free to ask questions you may have concerning Guinea Pigs lol

06-18-08, 06:51 am
Welcome from another NC resident (Eastern section). Go NC!