View Full Version : Ferret Nation in the UK?

06-15-08, 09:55 am
I am looking to get hold of a Ferret Nation. Is there anywhere in the UK I can get hold of one other than Ebay as there is only 1 and it's 250. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

Thanks, Pocoyo.

06-15-08, 12:05 pm
Companions Choice for Ferretone (http://www.companionschoice.co.uk)

ferrets about Ferret Nation (http://www.redmap.co.uk/ferretsabout/acatalog/Ferret_Nation.html) - out of stock.

Here is a cage that is very similar to an FN- Parrot Cages UK Only - Bird Cage Wholesalers | Browse (http://www.libertacages.co.uk/?page=browse&productid=85)

Berriewood Wholesale - Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit with Stand 36"Lx25"Wx62.5"H (http://www.berriewoodwholesale.co.uk/cgi-bin/sitewise.pl?act=det&pt=174_177&p=879&id=berrie) - not in stock

06-16-08, 04:07 am
Hi there, thank your or your reply. The FNs on 2 of those websites are very cheap. I wonder whether they will be getting any more in stock.

I have seen a FN on Ferret.com which is a very reasonable price. Does anyone know if they ship to the UK? I have e-mailed them and am waiting a response but I thought I would ask if anyone here knows?

Thanks, Pocoyo.

06-16-08, 12:02 pm
I looked at the shipping page yesterday and I believe they only deliver to the US.

06-22-08, 07:58 am
I still haven't had any luck with getting a Ferret Nation at a reasonable price. I was wondering whether anyone on here in the UK has a Ferret Nation that they would like to sell? I would be very interested. I live in Yorkshire in the UK.

06-22-08, 08:55 am
Yep, ferret.com only deliver to the uk. I am also trying to get hold of one (if not will have to try get some of the screwfix grids), have you tried KittenKaboodle ? they are from america but ship to the uk, not sure how much shipping is though.

Also, a converted Feisty Ferret cage could be an option.