View Full Version : Ill Guinea Pig With Odd Symptom: Don't Know What To Do

06-15-08, 08:25 am
Greetings, everyone. I have two brothers, Baxter and Oliver. Oliver has become quite ill and I fear for his life.
I am unable to get him to a vet because his doctor's office isn't open, and the area emergency clinic doesn't deal with exotics. I'm hoping someone will have some advice on how to handle this [until Monday, that is]...

Last night, Oliver seemed to be vomiting intermittently. From what I understand, cavies can't vomit. But it looked like vomiting: He was making an awful noise that sounded like he was in great pain, then "heaving", followed by clear liquid coming out of his mouth. (My sister and I have had many guinea pigs over the years; this is the first time we've seen anything like this.)
I stayed up with him all night, during which the vomit-like symptom ceased. This morning I made the mistake of taking him out of his makeshift sick bay to hold and comfort him. It caused him to start "throwing up" again.

Has anyone here ever seen or heard of this symptom? Could it be large amounts of saliva? Perhaps the fluid is coming from his lungs?

He has begun to suffer from anorexia (http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html#anorexia) as well, and isn't passing feces or urine. I really wish I could handfeed him, however if he has a blockage, I don't want to make things worse.
I'm terribly frightened and want to do whatever I can to help my poor little Oliver, and I feel so helpless without access to a vet.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be eternally grateful.
P.S. Baxter continues to show no signs of illness.

06-15-08, 09:04 am
You're right, they can't vomit. Chances are he has something stuck in his throat and this is something a vet needs to see as soon as possible. Could you not phone the vet and explain the situation? Even if they don't regularly see small animals they will still have had training on them. It really does sound like a matter of life or death, particularly if the piggy isn't eating or pooping.

06-15-08, 09:31 am
A regular vet can typically diagnose a piggie, especially in a life or death situation. Print off some of the info from Guinea Lynx, toxic medications, the page about not being able to vomit, anorexia, blockage, and anything else it "might be" and take them with you to the regular vet. If anything else, this might be able to hold him over until tomorrow where a true exotics vet could take over diagnosing and treating.

06-15-08, 11:28 am
This is something that cannot wait until tomorrow. He needs a vet now. Is the pig eating anything? Drinking? It could be bloat or intestinal blockage which is very serious. He could also have something lodged in his throat that he's been trying to cough up which is why it seems like he's heaving or throwing up.

06-15-08, 10:19 pm
Please keep us updated. He's in my prayers. Please help him...imagine how awful it would be to have something stuck in your throat and you were choking and you couldn't tell anybody.

06-16-08, 08:35 am
My poor little Oliver passed away yesterday. I am unable to put my devastation into words. He was such a beautiful soul.

...imagine how awful it would be to have something stuck in your throat and you were choking and you couldn't tell anybody.I've learned the hard way over the years that when dealing with a sick or injured furry family member, this is one of the worst parts -- knowing that they are in pain and they can't tell you more about it...

My mission now is to make sure Baxter gets through this. He appears to be all right physically, but his emotional state is written all over his face. He's never been without his brother, and I can only imagine how terrifying all of this is for him.

I wish I knew what else to say other than thanks to all of you for caring and trying to help...

Harrys Dad
06-16-08, 03:12 pm
I'm sorry to hear about your loss echolalia