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06-14-08, 12:34 pm
Hey there!!

My name is Jessica, and I live in Canada. I'm a future Veterinary Technology student (starting Sept 08) and I have a wide variety of animals.

I have one cavy, a 5 year old Teddy cross named Angel. I bought her from a petstore when she was 2 weeks old and she came home with me at 4 weeks. However inbetween that time I was allowed to visit and handle her frequently. She has a basic starter kit cage, due to lack of space but she gets frequent supervised floor/outdoor time. I'm debating on investigating on a larger cage. Angel is my baby girl, however she doesn't have cage mates because it always ended in pretty bad fights ... however she seems quite happy on her own and gets plenty of love and attention (she stays in my room). :love:

My other animals include a year old Westie puppy, a 10 year old Chinchilla and an 8 year old Quarter Horse.

I have some questions that can hopefully be answered, and I look forward to chatting with you all!! :)

Harrys Dad
06-14-08, 02:45 pm
Welcome to the board Jessica! Ask your questions or look around I am sure someone will have an answer for you.