View Full Version : Pictures of my new rats

06-14-08, 06:40 am
Well we picked up the two sweeties today. They are absolutely gorgeous. Have two pictures of them



06-14-08, 02:55 pm
How cute! :p

Have you picked out names for them yet?

06-14-08, 02:59 pm
Not yet, having trouble thinking of some names

06-14-08, 03:02 pm
I have two names picked out for my possibly new additions.. (also black hoodies).

They seem to be black hoodie-type names.. :rolleyes: How about Mischief and Magic?

06-14-08, 03:55 pm
Your rats are adorable! Congrats!

06-14-08, 07:19 pm
Very cute babies. I love rats!

06-15-08, 07:20 am
Defintely think mischief and magic suit them (will have to speak to my husband though) as one of them did a leap off the sofa earlier, and we had to rush to try and catch him, he hid under the sofa, the little devil

06-15-08, 03:27 pm
Thankyou again wicked rodent, my husband and I have decided on Magic and mischief.

In the bottom pic, magic is the one on the left, and mischief is on the right.

Not sure if you can see well in these pictures, but I think Magic might have a bot of dumbo in him, as his ears are lower down, and are slightly bigger and his face is a bit of a different shape. This could be just down to him being smaller, so I guess only time will tell.

Just under 36 hours in their new home, and already they love it. They always come to the cage sides to see me, have learnt that mummy gives them yummy food, and love running around their new big cage, and playing.

Rattie Mom
06-15-08, 07:18 pm
OHHHH what darling little boys!!!

CongRATS! :)

Wheek Weak
06-20-08, 01:38 pm
The pictures of your new babies really tugged at my heart. They look just like our Chip and Snickers (may they rest in peace).

Your boys are just adorable! :heart: