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06-13-08, 10:55 pm
I posted a little bit about it in another thread. I had bought it through ferret.com on June 4th. I bought the cage and a bunch of stuff for it. My dad was so sweet. I had been saving up for one and had about $100 saved and he offered to pay half for the cage and accessories so I was able to go ahead and get it. I ended up spending just over $200. They shipped my other stuff out on the 6th and I got that stuff on the 10th (this past Tuesday) and got notification the same day that my cage had been shipped. It arrived yesterday. Talk about fast shipping. I wasn't expecting it until early to mid week next week.

Right now, it's still it the box but I plan on getting it set up this weekend, decorating it with the new stuff I bought for them and getting pictures taken. I've been wanting one for them for awhile and am so excited that I was able to finally get them one. I liked the cages my dad built for them but they were getting harder to keep clean because of the wood.

I also spent more money this past Tuesday when I went to Little Rock. I bought fleece on sale at Joann's, and bought wooden round and square dowels for climbing rods and dad's gonna build them some wooden ladders with the square dowels, I bought wood spools and stuff to make them hanging toys and got these two really cute wooden gazebo things we are gonna modify and hang in their cages.

I sure hope my ratties love me as much as I love them!

06-14-08, 02:55 pm
I would LOVE to see pics once you finish! :love:

06-14-08, 08:02 pm
Ly, I have a Ferret Nation 141 and am getting the 143 soon. They are THE most beautiful cages; sleek, solid, well made, easy to keep clean, etc, etc, etc. I use mine for, of all things, a cat. I originally got it for my piggs but found this sight in time. Now my three-legged kitty who "vants to be alone" enjoys the solitude that it affords him from the 6 other cats. It is easy to assemble and just beautiful to behold. You will LOVE the doors. And your ratties are going to really love being in such classy digs.

06-14-08, 08:13 pm
I agree with everything you said Toadies! They are such great cages. I have (3) 142 models now!

Are you planning on using the 143 for the kitty too? Id love to see pictures of his digs too!


06-14-08, 08:31 pm
Yes. He has room for a condo, a litter box and the shelf. I want to give him another shelf to go up to when he needs to feel powerful. Up is power for cats.
By the way, how are yours working out? If I remember, you decided to make two seperate levels instead of using a ramp. Hope the "spoiled rotten little kids" (as they should be) like their home.

06-15-08, 12:14 pm
Dad and I set it up yesterday and it's wonderful. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how I wanted to decorate it. The funniest part was that in the girls section, everything is new but one old yellow hidey thing that they loved so I put it on the shelf in the new cage. Guess where they are sleeping? They have a new 14" hammock, 2 new 8" hammocks, a fleece tent and a hanging play tunnel but they choose to sleep in their old hidey.

My boys are also enjoying their section. They have a tent (different than the girls, a large double hammock, a hanging play tunnel, and other stuff.

We modified the gazebo's and the rats are loving playing in them.

I will get photos later today when they are awake and playing. I was too tired last night after cleaning, putting the new cage up, decorating and watching the rats play and explore their new digs for the first time.

06-15-08, 09:17 pm
I rearranged it all today. But here are pics!

The upper level (girls- Izzy, Gray and Markie)

The lower level (boys- Popeye, Sammy and Eddie) Sammy is in the lower left of the picture.

Pics of the ratties (of the ones I could get anyway):



06-15-08, 09:20 pm

I will post more pics later of Eddie and Sammy when I can get some good shots. They were more interested in other things earlier when I was taking pictures.

Rattie Mom
06-16-08, 09:13 am
Your cage looks fabulous!! And your ratties are simply adorable! :love:

06-16-08, 12:00 pm
I hope the photos aren't too large. It's hard to tell these days since I have a 19" widescreen monitor with a 1280x800 resolution.

Thanks. They are sweeties. Popeye is one of my favorites as he only has one eye and he's very affectionate. But let me tell you, he's the boss of the boys. His disability doesn't affect him in the least.

I should have taken pics before I rearranged the cages. I took out the girls old yellow hidey, now they are sleeping in the tent and in the hanging tunnel.

Rattie Mom
06-17-08, 10:04 am
Thanks. They are sweeties. Popeye is one of my favorites as he only has one eye and he's very affectionate. But let me tell you, he's the boss of the boys. His disability doesn't affect him in the least.


Awe, he's a sweetie.

Our Stella is the boss of her cage group as well. She has a stubby tail (she either lost the last 1/3 as a baby from her mom over grooming it, or was born that way), and I swear she carries her personality in that tail. She holds it up in the cutest way. And she loves to poke you in the eye with it when she's on our shoulder. I wouldn't call a stubby tail a disability, but it definitely doesn't slow her down from thinking she's the boss!;)

06-22-08, 04:03 pm
Very nice cage and beautiful ratties. I've never had rats but think they are so beautiful and sound like they have such wonderful personalities.

06-24-08, 11:13 am
They are a bunch of nuts if you want my honest opinion. Gray has been wanting more human attention lately and that's been unusual for her. Izzy is getting older and doesn't seem to like being petted or held much anymore. Eddie is very skittish and always has been although he likes getting chin scratches, he doesn't like being held. Markie is a lot like Eddie but she will tolerate being held more than he does. Sammy and Popeye are very much mama's boys and they like being held and played with and they love to ride around the house on my shoulders.

They seem to be loving their new cage. It's a breeze to clean. Took me about 15-20 minutes total to do a total clean up on Sunday vs. an hour to an hour and a half with their old cage.

Rattie Mom
06-25-08, 09:41 am
I wish I would have known about the Ferret Nation cages when I bought mine. I love my Quality cages, but it would be so much nicer to have the entire front open up like the FN cages do. We've spent a small fortune on cages. I think I have more cages than shoes ;). So I can't see switching, anytime soon. We paid over $600 for our two big cages. They are a bit bigger than the FN cages, but definitely take longer to clean. When you have 4-5 rat cages (and piggie and bunny cage/pens too), it's nice to only spend 15-20 minutes on a cage. I think it takes about an hour to clean our Quality cage.

It also appears the FN cages might be better for oldies as they start to lose strength in their back legs. We have to move ours to one level cages, so they don't have to climb the ramps. But with the FN cages, I think you are able to adjust the ramps by proping something under the end, so it's not so steep, correct?

The only thing I don't like about the FN cages is the bar spacing....but I've heard FN is going to start making "rat" cage with different spacing. I might have to just donate some of my cages to my favorite rat rescue and get us a couple FN cages. :D

A girl can never have too many cages....er...I mean shoes. ;)

06-25-08, 11:44 am
The FN has 2 adjustable shelves, one in each section. There are 3 positions it can go in. The position of the shelf determines how steep the ramp is. If you put it in the lowest position, the ramp isn't very steep but at the highest position it is pretty steep.

I do love the fully opening doors and not only do they fully open but can be slipped off their hinges and removed easily for total cage cleaning.

The bar spacing is a bit big for young rats. If in the future I get any young ones, I will most likely have to wrap the cage or wrap a section with hardware cloth. Markie is my smallest rat, she never did get all that big but she can't fit her head through the bars.

It was funny the other day, dad said he wondered what they'd do if they (either the boys or girls) had the whole cage to themselves. I said they'd probably go nuts. He said we ought to get a second one and give the girls a full cage and the boys a full cage. I love that idea, but space is an issue at my house right now. There is no room to put another FN right now.