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06-13-08, 01:52 pm
Tallulah was chewing oddly tonight and yesturday when I was bathing her she made a weird clicky noise - not the obviious clicky sounds they make when they are annoyed more of a quelch.
This is the only picture I could get of her teeth:

So far there seems to be no weight loss but I may begin to weigh her daily to make sure.
Any thoughts would be great thanks.

06-13-08, 05:21 pm
I don't see anything wrong with her teeth. Are you sure she's not getting a URI? One of the symptoms is strange sounds while breathing.

06-13-08, 05:31 pm
I dont think its a URI because it only happened yesturday and I havent heard it before or since. I took her on my lap for a little while and gave her some apple and she ate that fine so I'm going to keep a close eye on here and see how she goes.

06-13-08, 10:09 pm
Maybe she was teeth chattering at you? Those teeth look fine.

06-14-08, 07:08 am
It definatly wasnt any normal chattering, it sounded like she was playing with salvia in her mouth, plus Tallulah isn't really one to get annoyed/chatter her teeth. I posted on Lynx and they said if its anything it is probabaly the molars as thats where teeth problems usually occur and just to keep an eye on her with weight etc so I'm hoping that she was just having a funny few days (last night she was chewing like she had things stuck in her mouth) because today she seems much better - maybe she did have something stuck in her molars which has gone now.

06-17-08, 06:08 am
Sometimes when I'm bathing my piggies if one of them gets a little water on their nose by accident it can make a kind of loud clicky sniff noise. Usually a one-off. Could that have been it?

Like you say, keep an eye on it. One of my pigs' front teeth look like they don't quite line up and he chews with his mouth slightly open, but he is 1.290kg, maintaining that weight, and his teeth have always looked like that. Hope this helps put your mind at ease a bit :)

06-17-08, 06:15 am
Thank you, it could have been that if she got abit in when I was prehaps doing her chin. My oldest boar who we got about a year ago whose 7 also has his top molars slightly over the bottom but is a really heavy weight and eats for Britain, never seems in pain so I guess some pigs can prehaps just have that naturally or have slight overgrowth without many differculties.