View Full Version : I think my first is acutally a girl! Oh no!

06-10-08, 09:13 pm
Unfortunately before I had any guinea knowledge I bought my first from the local pet store. I looked at it's genital area and I saw a stub there and assumed it was male. I have got 3 other males since then all younger than my first one Valentine. Their testicals have all become noticable except the first has none but still has the stub. Does this mean it's female? I called the emergency vet tonight and I'm scheduling an appointment tomorrow since it has been laying around more and eating and drinking alot. It hasn't gained to much weight, but a little so we fear it might be pregnant! I never would let that have happened on purpose if I knew sooner! I will keep everyone updated. Just to let you know I do not believe in breeding since their are so many homeless guinea pigs. If this one happens to be female and is pregnant I'm going to properly care for them until they are old enough to be adopted. I will adopt them out through my home so nothing bad happens to them. Any advice or suggestions would be great! I hope I did everything right, I am still new here and trying to figure the boards out!

06-11-08, 09:39 am
Try to express a penis. Try it on the ones you know are male first to get the hang of it, then try on the other. Have you looked on CavySpirits sexing page? Here is the link just in case. It has many photos.

06-11-08, 12:36 pm
To get a penis to pop out, you have to push just above the genital area. If you practice on one of your males, you'll notice it's not that hard to do really.