View Full Version : Sewing fleece pads.

ms pixie riot
06-10-08, 04:23 pm
It has been decided that fleece will be the bedding of choice in the new cage. I'm excited about it in terms of ease of cleaning, and because of the decorating possibilities too!

What I would like to do is sew together some pads that are fleece on top and towel on the bottom, cut to the exact size and shape of each level.

My sewing machine doesn't handle thick layers well. Is there any reason why I couldn't use a good thick thread and blanket stitch the edges together, catching all of the layers? By hand, that is. I know it will take AGES, but I like having mindless hand-sewing to do while I watch TV or movies.

Also, when I wash the fleece (and this is the silly question) when I wash the fleece 4 times before using it, do I have to dry it every time I wash it? Or can I just run it through the wash cycle four times in a row, and then dry it? I don't know if drying it in between makes any difference in how much it will soften up.

06-11-08, 02:48 am
I washed mine 4 times straight through and then dried it and it didn't seem to have any problem in the cage.

06-11-08, 06:42 am
I believe it's the repeated exposure to the soap and water that breaks down the repellent properties of fleece. Not drying it in between should not pose problems.

06-11-08, 05:20 pm
If you do it by hand, I'd be careful your piggy get ahold and chew on the threads.