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06-08-08, 08:48 pm
Our vet recommended we get all three boys neutered to prevent the likelihood of 'future health issues.' But I read on CavySpirit that neutering isn't worth it with the risk of abcesses. Though when I questioned the vet on if there really was any reason to neuter, he talked to me as if I was stupid from then on.


06-08-08, 08:53 pm
Neutering slightly reduces the risk of impaction later in life and prevents a boar from impregnanting females. If all three boys are living together without any females, I personally do not see a point.

06-08-08, 08:56 pm
At the moment, two are living together, and one is in the basement in quarantine. Once that's over with, I'm hoping they'll all get along. If not, the loner might get a spayed girlfriend. We'll see, though.

That's what I thought; and that's $300 I don't really have to throw around, you know?

Thanks for your thoughts.

06-08-08, 09:15 pm
I wouldn't do it unless you had sows in the house.

It only slightly increases impaction risks in some boars. You'd still need to clean them out sometimes and impaction cleansings are not that big a deal.

Percy's Mom
06-08-08, 10:00 pm
Ditto to the advice you've been given. Unless you have an unspayed female, or one of the boys has a current health issue that a neuter would resolve, I would avoid the surgery. However, if you can put the $300 (hopefully more) in savings as a vet fund, even a bit at a time, that would be a good idea.

06-09-08, 06:10 pm
Not to sound nasty or such adjectives, but I have more than $300 in savings for the pigs. I was simply saying I didn't want to use that money towards something I, personally, thought unnecessary.

I appreciate the concern, though, and everyones' thoughts. The boys will stay intact, then.

06-09-08, 06:58 pm
The boys will stay intact, then.

I think your boys would most definitely thank you for that decision, for a myriad of reasons!

Percy's Mom
06-09-08, 09:44 pm
The way you put it before made it seem like you didn't have the money at all. My apologies for misunderstanding, and I certainly concur that spending the money you might have in savings on an operation that is most likely not necessary would be silly. Keep it for an emergency.

My previous statement stands for everyone though. If you have money in savings for pet vet emergencies, great. If not, it would be in your animal's best interest to start putting money away for emergencies that may come along.