View Full Version : Looking for a piggy in Alabama

12-20-04, 09:20 pm
I'm in Pell City and would like to adopt 2 piggies. I'm looking for either 2 male or 2 female. I'd prefer babies,as I could raise them so they'll know my 4 kids :)

I've done tons of research and know they need large cages.I know all about the bedding..what to use and what not to use.I've already scoped out stores(or online) in my area to get all the needed supplies :)

If you're in Alabama,close to St.Clair,Jefferson,Shelby County and have 2 to be given up for adoption,please consider me :) We're really anxious to have 2 lil piggies in our life. I promise to be a great piggy mom :)

Thanks so much!

12-29-04, 08:47 pm
HI Tammy:

I have two piggies that I will be needing a home for in about 2 weeks. It is a mom and daughter. Mom is actually litter box trained, Daughter is not. But if you are intrested let me know. I live in the Hoover area.


12-29-04, 09:49 pm
You should also check your local paper. Sometimes people are giving away their piggies in classifieds.