View Full Version : 2/5 or 3/4

05-31-08, 09:16 pm
Because of space it would fit better in my house if I made a 3/4 instead of a 2/5. Is this just as good if it were for 3 pigs?

05-31-08, 10:12 pm
A 3X4 is bigger than a 2X5, so yes, that should be fine.

06-01-08, 02:51 am
It's actually the better option as 3x4 = 12 squares but the 2x5 = 10. The more square shape is probably better for running round and easier for making room for boxes and tunnels etc :)

06-01-08, 07:17 am
I thought that the amount of squares are the same 14 sqaures each unless my math has gone bad so which ever cage you have room for be it the 2x5 or 3x4 I would probably go with the 3x4.

06-01-08, 09:57 am
The perimeter would be the same for each, but the areas are different (as well as more important anyway).

06-01-08, 10:22 am
Thank you for all of your replies:)

06-02-08, 12:25 pm
I have a 3X7. I had to divide it for two different sets of boys. 3 of my boars are in the 3X4 and the other two have a 3X3. I like the 3 grid width better because it gives more space around hideys.