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05-31-08, 09:32 am
I'm adopting a pair of guinea pigs on Monday from the Arizona Piggie Poo Rescue. They recommend AGAINST having multi levels.

I went through a lot of work building my C&C which I decided to do an upper level. I'll post a picture of it later on when I can find my camera. If there is a real, serious serious reason against them, I will totally break out my scissors and bust all those zip ties.

I'd really appreciate some input on this. Thanks!

(I was trying to sleep in, but kept thinking of piggies, so I figured it was time for me to get out of bed and sew cozies)

05-31-08, 10:31 am
Alot of slaves have multi-level cages for their owners. I know that this site recommends a minimum space on the main level, any other level not being counted as required space. A multi-level makes it easier to keep the food mess corraled and allows for more running space on another level. The concern would be not to have a too steep a ramp and to make sure that the sides are such that the piggs can't jump or fall off of the ramp or the other levels. I am doing a 2 story for my kids to keep the food and hay in one place. Enjoy your babies. Hugs and kisses to them.

05-31-08, 10:39 am
Thanks, Toadies.

I have a 2x4 main level, the ramp is not up against the side so they have the entire perimeter for lapping without interruption. I used U-bent grids for the ramp that will have a brick at the bottom (once hubby gets home, since I forgot it in the trunk of the car). It is lined with coroplast and has little "steps" taped on it, and will then be covered with towel and fleece.

05-31-08, 02:36 pm
Sounds great! I'm sure that your "kids" are going to love it.

06-07-08, 04:05 pm
I think when they say avoid multi-levels, its that some people end up building something like a two story 2x3 cage for four piggies. The dimensions on paper look like it makes up the proper sq ft, but taking out room for the ramps and such actually diminishes the square footage. They probably just want to make sure you provide adequate room for running laps and all that.

Personally, I think that as long as the "main floor" is the proper size then all's good. I usually try to count lofts and such as perks to their cage.

06-07-08, 11:52 pm
I ended up yanking the upper part off because it was too hard on me to clean the bottom floor. :( But they like it just the same. The piggies only went upstairs to steal carrots and left their greens alone in the kitchen. So now, they have a kitchen corner, which basically means that one runs over and grabs what he wants and drags it to a hidey, and the other one sits in it like a good boy and eats and does his business.