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05-30-08, 06:57 pm
I wanted to put out a bit of a warning in regards to a hay rack type of device, in this case a ball that you can load up with hay and either sit in the cage (or on your floor) using it's stand, or alternately can be mounted on the cage wall. It spins around kinda like a hamster exercise wheel as the pig paws at it and pulls out the hay to eat it. Problem is, with some hay being very stiff, the spinning/rotating motion of the ball can drive the sharp/stiff hay right into your pig's face/eyes like a furry, sharp pinwheel. My guy actually became afraid of it, and then sat there, sulking, because he had "no" hay. I've read in various places that eye injuries are possible with hay--this "rollin' the hay" ball thing really seemed to increase that danger and my pig had the good sense to avoid the thing entirely for the day and half that it was in his cage.

Anybody else have any dangerous toy/accessory examples or issues?

05-30-08, 07:08 pm
I've seen 2 pigs meet bad fates with hay wheels. One was a youngster that got completely stuck and was found dead. The other was a nearly adult pig that got it's head stuck and was found in critical condition and almost didn't recover. The only thing I have ever used for hay were these little dishwasher things for putting small items in. They were rectangles with small openings that the pigs could get hay from all sides and flip them around so they didn't need to be able to stick their noses in very far. It was just to keep the majority of the hay confined when I had an emergency cage situation and needed to keep the mess down. Other than that I only pile hay loose because I've seen too many hay rack accidents and the pigs much prefer loose hay.

One toy I have not seen have issues but have heard of are those treat feeders and toys on stretchy rope. I've been told the ropes break fairly easily and some rabbits have gotten injured by it bouncing back. Dunno if pigs would ever pull on it hard enough to cause that but I haven't seen those toys around much since then.

05-30-08, 07:13 pm
That's a good tip, aqh88. Thanks.

05-30-08, 09:19 pm
Wow, I have one of those I was going to use, guess I shouldn't!

Harrys Dad
06-01-08, 11:59 am
well guess I get rid of the hay wheel also. Thanks for the info.

06-16-08, 09:32 am
:-( sorry about your loss(es)
Well thanks for the heads up!
Im sure that you saved lots of piggies lives!:D