View Full Version : Cutting Grids (pictures please!)

05-29-08, 02:21 pm
I would like to make the ramp on my pig's cage external so it does not take from the lap space at all. But I've tried unsuccessfully to cut the grids with various wire cutters / trimmers found in my dad's tool shed. Basically I'm completely tool-challenged, so some pictures of the actual wire cutters that you used to cut the grids or just pictures from the web would be a lot of help! My dad has pretty much every tool imaginable so I'm sure we already have the correct one anyway. :D

05-30-08, 07:44 pm
These are very similar to the cutters I've used for cutting the outside of the grids.

And these are like the ones you can use for the inner parts of the grids:

05-30-08, 09:12 pm
You have a grinding wheel? Get the bolt cutters (the first pic in the post above) cut as close as you can and then round off the cut sections on a grinding wheel. Do watch for the welds. The outer part of the grid is welded in 2 spots on opposite sides. Hard to see but if you feel or look very closely along the edges you should find the 2 spots in the middle of the thick outside bars. It is best to cut there if it lines up with the width you want especially if you ever want to bend the grids. That is a weak point and they will break there if you try to do anything with them in the future. It's also slightly easier to cut.

06-03-08, 03:06 pm
Thanks for the help.

Aqh88, we do not have a grinding wheel... But I decided to try something else for the time being, or permanently- I haven't decided yet. I did not cut any of the grids but I removed two and then had the ramp wrap around the outside of the cage, connecting them with twisty ties and cable ties. (So it is completely external.) It's rather hard to explain unless you can actually see it; I'll post some pictures soon. Only thing is, it's seems like my pig is only going pee at the bottom of the ramp now. I think I'll need three folded up layers of fleece just so it doesn't become a complete mess before wash day! :melodrama

By the way, can someone tell me if I'm right in the square footage of my cage? I'm not sure if I'm doing the math right...

2 level 3x3. = 18. x 14 = 252. / 12 = 21 square feet

Is that right??