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05-26-08, 04:59 pm
I don't know the first thing about rabbits so I hope someone can offer some advice before it's too late.

My grandmother has outdoor cats. They got hold of a baby rabbit last night, which she managed to get away from them. It has a gash on it's head. I don't know anything about rabbits, but it's definitely a baby. It's incredibly small. My grandmother force fed it evaporated milk of some kind (something the vet recommended for her kittens) with a bottle. I just found out about an hour ago and have already brought it home. I tried to feed it a pellet mash but that's not working out. It won't eat lettuce or hay. Is it too young for these things? Also, it was walking around ok in the cage, then a few minutes later it couldn't walk well anymore and rolled over onto its back.

The vets are closed today; I can take it tomorrow but I'm worried it won't make it through the night.

Please help!

05-26-08, 05:02 pm
oh no- is it a wild rabbit?

maybe these guys can help?

Cape Fear House Rabbit Society, Rabbit Adoption and Education (http://www.capefearrabbits.org/)

FAQ: Orphaned Baby Bunnies (http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/orphan.html)

05-26-08, 05:07 pm
Yes, it is, and thanks for the links. I'm checking them out now.

05-26-08, 05:19 pm
I've had a quick look around google- it seems wild bunnies need very specialist care.

I don't know if this info is correct, but you can read it and judge for yourself:

www.bio.miami.edu/hare/wildbabies.pdf (http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/wildbabies.pdf)
911 Advice for Wild Rabbits (http://www.animalconnectiontx.org/wildrabbits.htm)
http://www.tc.umn.edu/~devo0028/ (http://www.tc.umn.edu/%7Edevo0028/)

I really hope you can find someone who knows about wild rabbits, either house rabbit society or wildlife rehabilitators or knowledgable vets.

best of luck

05-26-08, 06:51 pm
I called a wildlife rehabilitator about an hour away from me, but it's too late.

The little bunny died. :weepy:

I guess the wound from the cat was just too deep. I buried the poor thing about a half hour ago. It died only a few minutes after my post.

Thanks for your advice, greenbeans.

RIP, Lil Bit.

I'm heartbroken...

05-26-08, 07:46 pm
RIP Lil Bit:weepy:.
Your life was short:angel:....
I hope it was sweet:lovestruc

piggly wiggly
05-26-08, 09:04 pm
Rest in peace little one.

05-27-08, 01:36 am
rest in peace bunny.

you have my sympathy wiggley. you did what your best to help, but it sounds like there wasn't much you could do.


07-07-08, 11:37 am
Awww that's terrible! RIP, little baby. You did the best you could, wiggley.

07-07-08, 12:54 pm
Don't feel too badly, even without the wound it's extremely difficult to save orphaned baby bunnies.

07-07-08, 08:23 pm
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