View Full Version : Hi i'm stephanie and just adoped mama Bettie and baby Pixie!

05-25-08, 07:46 am
I just adopted two guinea pig girls yesterday and there every sweet. Bettie is 6 months and Pixie is just 3 months. They are extremely shy and run away from me but when i hold them they are very calm. I haven't held them since yesterday because everything i go for them the freak out. Any tips? Also i noticed they didn't sleep. could they be afraid of the dark?


05-25-08, 11:31 am
They are prey animals, hence the freaking out. They normally sleep with their eyes open also because they are prey animals. You just have to have patience and time.

I also want to say that you have this subject posted twice on our forums. Please don't crosspost.

05-25-08, 11:51 am
Oh ok sorry i was just freak out. thanks though

Chin Lover
05-25-08, 12:20 pm
Hello Steph!! :) Welcome welcome!! I'm new to this forum too!! Perhaps thinking about adopting a cavies in the future. I'm all ears for tips people want to throw out.