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05-23-08, 03:46 pm
Hi, I got my guinea pig out today and noticed it had a bump on its throat, at first I thought it was a burr from the hay at first but it turned out to be something like ive never seen before.
ImageShack - Hosting :: cimg0049rs1.jpg (http://img179.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cimg0049rs1.jpg)

There is a picture the best i could take it , It is hard to keep the guinea pig still, this guinea pig doesn't mind laying on its back and it was still hard to get a snapshot.

I am calling the vet right now for an appointment but i just wanted a second opinion of people who may have seen this type of injury.

I have 2 guinea pigs and only this one has the bump, There is also another symptom I noticed ,im not sure since I was never the guinea pig medical person when I was with my ex but it appears that her nipples are abnormally larger than the other guinea pigs. She has never given birth and it looks like they have increased in size over the past few days. I'm just putting this out there since I don't really know if this is alarming.

The guinea pig with the bump is around 3-4 years old . If you have any other questions I will try my best to answer them but I have very limited medical knowledge. I have had guinea pigs in the past with abscesses on their throat but never this.

05-23-08, 08:16 pm
It was really hard to tell anything from the picture. You might want to check out this link: Guinea Lynx :: Lumps (http://www.guinealynx.info/lumps.html)
Hopefully this will help.

05-23-08, 10:21 pm
She should go to the vet for the lump. It looks like it is on the skin, not a lymph node abscess or cancer, but it could still be a skin abscess or tumor, or a follicular cyst. It looks like it has opened and scabbed over, and probably the best thing would be for the vet to remove it and send it off for analysis.

Enlarged nipples by themselves are not definitively a sign of something wrong. Keep an eye on her weight and her nipples and behavior. If she starts having crusty nipples, humping her cagemates incessantly, or losing weight, then you would want to have a vet investigate whether she might have ovarian cysts or other reproductive problems. Otherwise, she might just be in heat and having swollen nipples for a couple of days.

05-25-08, 12:35 am
Guinea Lynx :: Topic - Guinea pig has strange bump on its throat. (http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=45754)

I went to the vet first thing in the morning today. The vet determined it is a tumor here is a pic ImageShack - Hosting :: bumpxd5.jpg (http://img412.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bumpxd5.jpg). More details in that thread. I just wanted to come back here and reply to not leave people hanging last time I checked no one had posted but thank you.

I do have a question if anyone reads this. Someone suggest Vaseline since they said it looks like a tick, well I used it and now the guinea pigs fur is glooped together. I read coconut oil helps and i went around at least 5 stores yesterday to look for it .The closest thing i found was Burts Bees Shampoo which someone had recommended in a post but it still isn't out.

Does anyone have any other suggestion? The vet told me to use dawn dish washing detergent but I just cant imagine that being safe, I certainly don't wanna use something to hurt Peppermint.

I'm sorry I really don't know much about medical care for guinea pigs. I tried to pick up as much as I could from when I lived with aqh88 but this never came up.

05-25-08, 11:28 am
You can use a tiny drop of dawn dishwashing soap. It's often used to clean a boars grease gland and won't hurt them. I would never give a pig a bath with dawn though.