View Full Version : Impetigo: Passed on to pigs?

05-23-08, 05:42 am
Turns out I have quite a severe case of impetigo on my face and legs. Can this be passed on to pigs? My assumption is yes; my hands are so incredibly sore from all the washing. I've cut down on handling and will continue to so for the next two days until I'm no longer infectious.

Prevention is the best medicine. But can they actually get it?

05-23-08, 10:40 am
There hasn't been impetigo reported in pigs, according to GuineaLynx. Of course, better to be safe than sorry as long as you're contagious.

05-23-08, 12:04 pm
Impetigo is normally caused by bacteria and pigs can catch bacterial infections so I would assume they could catch it.