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05-22-08, 07:26 pm
Hi. I am a new owner of a 8 mo old guinea pig. We have had her for 2 weeks and she seems very content ( a little picky on the eating and drinking). Her breathing was rapid this morning and throughout the day. She is making some type of bubbling noise/or some type of chut ( I am still trying to figure out what each of the sounds sound like). We had her out in her pen tonight and she seemed okay, but still breathing somewhat rapid.
Should I be worried?


05-22-08, 07:38 pm
The rapid breathing along with the bubbling noise is concerning. You should make her an appointment with a qualified exotic vet as soon as possible. It is highly possible that she has an upper respiratory infection and needs cavy safe antibiotics to recover. She will not get well on her own.

05-22-08, 07:46 pm
I just picked her up again and I don't know if it's her breathing or her heart pounding. She seems okay. I can actually feel the sounds on the top of her head, like little bubbles popping. I been trying to understand all the different sounds they make and one site says that this means she's content. I just don't understand why all of a sudden her heart/breathing is racing.
I am going to try and find a vet tomorrow morning.

05-22-08, 08:43 pm
The rapid heart beat could be because she's excited, but I would never bet on any of the answers given, I'd just take the guinea to a vet and make sure.

05-23-08, 09:01 pm
Well, she wound up waking up this morning fine. I think she was stressed yesterday. She's back to her old self! Thanks for the replies!
Have a great Holiday Weekend!