View Full Version : I brought my pigs to the Vet today...they have sinus infections

05-22-08, 02:09 pm
I noticed yesterday that two of my girls Peaches & Zsa Zsa had what looked like runny noses, and that Peaches was acting a bit withdrawn from the other pigs. So I watched them all closely during last nights feeding, but they all ate the lettuse, parsley and the little bit or oranges I gave them.

I thought that them eating was a great sign, but decided to play it safe and bring these two to the Vet this morning. She she said that they definitly had sinus infections, and that more then likly they would all have them. So I have enough meds (Chloramphicol Palmitae susp) for the 5 of them, even though my other 3 girls (Carlita, Hershey and Fifi) seem fine now.

Wish me luck on treating 5 young pigs, twice a day with a plastic syringe, lol. It's not going to be pretty! I just hope that I can clear this up quickly.

-E.J. (Shypaw)

05-22-08, 05:51 pm
We (as in me and the piggers) wish your good luck and a fast recovery! Keep us updated!!

05-22-08, 10:24 pm
Just for the record, pigs don't get sinus infections, they get URI's (Upper Respiratory Infections). I do hope your girls get better soon.

05-22-08, 10:57 pm
Thank you AnimalHouse36. I gave all the girls the first dose today, so they have 6 more days to go. It went much better then I expected it to, with only one of the pigs really putting up a fuss. She just didn't want anything to do with the syringe and it spilled all over my hand instead. The other 4 were really good nibbled it down.

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05-22-08, 11:12 pm
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Sweet Pea
05-23-08, 02:17 pm
I just got some chlor-palm for my pigs today it sure smells like marshmellow how does it work? One piggie has pneumonia the other not yet but they are both on it cause my little holly died from it.

05-23-08, 02:55 pm
I really don't know how well it works yet. My girls have only been on it a day, but I'll keep you informed on the progress, ok? Maybe one of the more experienced folks here can answer your question for both of us? I agree, it even looks a bit like marshmallow, only much more watery.
I'm so sorry that you lost one of your piggy's. I hope your others pigs can recover quickly too.

05-23-08, 10:06 pm
Chloramphenicol is a very strong antibiotic. Most infections will be blasted to bits by it. Unfortunately, some pigs are intolerant of it, so I would recommend giving probiotics (acidophilus from a drugstore is good, but definitely not yogurt) an hour or two after every dose. If any of your pigs start to have diarrhea, or are lethargic, or stop eating, you should stop the chlor and get a different antibiotic from the vet.

Sweet Pea
05-23-08, 10:26 pm
Thanks for the info I'll watch closesely....My vet said it's a medicine that can take longer to get piggie better but will do the trick....they are on .5ml 2 times a day.

05-24-08, 10:47 am
What's the concentration on the bottle? It should say something like 50mg/ml (that is not necessarily the concentration, but just a random number).

05-27-08, 10:23 am
I wanted to give a brief update on my girls. All 5 are doing very well, although they are still on the meds for a few more days. Runny noses have all dried up and the sneezes have almost completely stopped. One girl still sneezes a bit, not much compared to what she was doing.

I now know why they call them pigs...these girls never stop eating! I call them my little hungry hungry hippos.

Good luck with yours Sweet Pea.

05-27-08, 10:35 am
We (as in me and the piggers) wish your good luck and a fast recovery! Keep us updated!!Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your sick piggies. My boys just finished their antibiotic therapy. So far so good. For your piggies, I'm hoping for full recovery.