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05-22-08, 12:49 pm
my name is Ric.....i just got 2 pigs for my kids...we got them for free off craigs list....i found this website and learned alot in a short time........that being said i went out and bought some cage stuff to build my boys a decent place to run around in....ive included a short video .....black one is "gizmo" and brown/white one is "benji"....any info and advice is helpful...ive read 80% of the info on this site so ive already learned alot....

one thing tho i have no idea how old these guys are...but they been in my home 4 days now
they wont eat from my hand but will eat same piece after i return them to their home....funny.....any way hope you like small video

05-22-08, 01:15 pm
Hello, I'm new to posting, too! But, not to guinea pigs or this site :p . The video you posted doesn't show up. I'm anxious to see your owners!

05-22-08, 01:48 pm
oops forgot the link.....here goes

pigsinnewcage.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (http://s189.photobucket.com/albums/z51/ecoli_23/?action=view&current=pigsinnewcage.flv)

05-22-08, 05:35 pm
Aw! They are so adorable! I personaly love black guinea pigs! Not to say the other one isn't precious!:D

05-22-08, 07:20 pm
I loved seeing your children in the video. I bet they are in love having 2 piggies. I like the cage you built, plenty of room for the piggies to run in. If you have any grids left you could make a tent from it by bending in half and putting fleece on it. My boys love it.

05-22-08, 08:47 pm
Wow your pigs are gorgeous. I'm so shocked at how explorative they are after just 4 days...but then again I've only had one male guinea pig so maybe it's a sex difference. I love the colors of your cage, although they did hurt my eyes a little in the video, they're so bright and cheerful.

05-23-08, 04:12 pm
thank you all so much i just found out today that i do indeed have one of each pig (m/f)

i did bend my last grid to use for a tunnel ( they love it) and i made a semi loft for them to use so now my cage is done
still workin on finding out how old they are but benji is goin crazy with his "mating" <-(PC?) attempts thank you all for your comments and hope to see all of your pigs in the picture sections

piggly wiggly
05-23-08, 04:47 pm
Since you found out you have a male and female, have you seperated them? It may be too late, but it may not be. Hopefully your poor girl is not pregnant yet.

They are beautiful piggies.

05-27-08, 03:16 pm
should i have seperated them? and how many piggies come in a single birth? pros/cons>?

05-27-08, 03:37 pm
ecoli_23, you'll find that this site is very anti-breeding. Read around the stickies in the forums and you'll see why. You should separate the male and female until one of them is neutered to prevent pregnancy -- although you might find the worst has already happened. You should take the female to the vet to find out if she is pregnant. If she is, then neutering won't be necessary if the litter produces males and females -- you can separate the female pups with the mother and the male with the father when they're ready to be weaned.

You should separate them straight away.

05-28-08, 10:54 am
Yep, I got one of my piggies cos she ate her babies. They wanted to breed her but she ate them! Ha, she sure did show them!
Don't breed, it's not good!!! The number of piggies can be anything for one to...I've forgotten.
I know the mother (we have three, a mother and two daughters) had three babies but I guess it could be four or more.

05-28-08, 01:43 pm
wow thats jus great. LOL just what i wanted to hear.well ill have to get her to the vet and seperate them

05-29-08, 02:53 am
Goof for you, ecoli_23. Don't keep them together or they'll keep breeding and breeding and your house will become overrun by them and they will come and nibble your socks at night...and eat all your veggies....especially that cucumber. Lol.
Are you sure she's pregnant?

05-29-08, 09:04 am
well not sure at all really. not even sure how old they are as i got them for free off craigslist. so im going to make a trip to the vet when i get paid to see whats goin on.

05-29-08, 01:29 pm
Ok, butI hope she's not too old or young- she could die from it if she is young or old. I know they shouldn't have babies at two.
I'm glad you got them though because they could've ended up a lot worse if they were being offered free.
I've found they can have as many as seven babies and as little as one.