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05-21-08, 06:57 pm
Does anyone know any stores that sell the pigloos that are not see through? All the stores that I know of that have pigloos only have the see through ones. I mean, how can they even hide in those?:confused:

05-21-08, 07:01 pm
I wouldn't buy from pet stores. You can always make your own hidey-house out of cardboard boxes etc. I prefer hidey-houses with multiple doors so that a guinea pig can escape from another if chased etc.

05-21-08, 07:11 pm
I replaced my pigloos with cardboard boxes too. They are way better.

05-21-08, 08:06 pm
I just got dark colored pigloo's. I have a purple one and a dark pink one. Mickey and Riley don't seem to mind that they aren't exactly nontransparent haha. I also have a cardboard box in their other cage. They don't seem to see the difference or even care! Good luck!

05-21-08, 09:00 pm
I don't think piggies really mind that they aren't completely solid colored. Like everyone has said, if you don't want to use those pigloos, make your own out of cardboard boxes. It's cheap and economical and gives the guinea's more things to chew on! That's what I plan on doing when I get my bigger cage done.

05-22-08, 06:43 am
I would rather make one out of a box, but my guinea pigs, for some odd reason like pigloos better than boxes. Maybe it's the shape. If guinea pigs don't mind the see through ones though, I'll just get that.


Wheek Weak
05-23-08, 10:26 am
We don't use pigloos at all. Instead, we make tents out of 30" x 30" fleece baby blankets.

Just tie two ends of a blanket about 5 grids up, and about 10-11 grids across.

Our piggies just love them. They can really wrap themselves up in them and be warm, cozy, and snuggly. They were never that comfy in a pigloo when we used them.

An additional advantage is that we only pay $1.00 per blanket, as opposed to roughly $10.00 for a pigloo! And the babies like the blankets so much more!

05-23-08, 10:31 am
My babies hardley use their pigloo at all anymore since they discovered the fleece tent I made . They are always snuggled up in there!lol

05-24-08, 01:27 pm
I haven't got a pigloo- I've got a castle!!! It's completely solid and red...I've only ever seen one in it so far though, but they haven't had it very long

05-29-08, 10:10 pm
I make cardboard ones but i might switch to pigloos because I'm scared about them chewing on the cardboard.

05-29-08, 10:53 pm
Ferret Sleepers & Hideouts: Lixit Igloo for Ferrets (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=17342+17358+17415&pcatid=17415)

It's only online, though.

05-30-08, 07:38 am
They don't care if you can see them, they just want the security of a close space. The ferret igloo is neat, but my guys like to toss their pigloos around, move them and turn them upside down and, with an enclosed bottom, they wouldn't be able to do so. Their cage would stay neater, but they would probably get hacked off.

05-30-08, 11:13 am
Yeah, I'm not sure if I am going to get that one (I'm going to get a second one), it's cheaper than the other kind, I personaly like the other ones better, for how they look. :)

05-30-08, 03:42 pm
The point of the pigloo is that it is a place for the animal to hide, but you can still sort of see them, but they can't necessarily see you. It is about the fact they are in a closed space they feel safe in. If you buy a pigloo, I have a dark-ish turquoise and it is very hard to see through. (If you can see through it at all!)

05-30-08, 04:17 pm
Cookie's house is wooden. She loves to chew on it when she's in there. I used to have a plastic one, but I got rid of it when she started to eat it. The wooden one is safer for her.

05-30-08, 09:30 pm
I've never seen a non-transparent pigloo. As others have suggested, you could make a wooden hidey house. Although if you're not crafty, you can buy one. If you want something a little cozier, you can always get a Comf-E-Cube: Comf-E-Cube Small Pet Sleepers; Super Pet Comf-E-Cube (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=6067+10434+11152&pcatid=11152)
I've also seen people make houses out of left over coroplast.

06-15-08, 10:39 pm
www.horseloverz.com (http://www.horseloverz.com)
has purple ones for $8 and are NOT clear =)