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05-21-08, 04:48 pm
I have been looking on this site for a long time! I have two wonderful guinea pigs Micky and Riley. We got them from somebody on Criagslist who had an accidental litter. We planned on getting a pair from a shelter but fell in love with our two girls. Thankfully the two guinea pigs I planned to adopt recieved a wonderful home.
Riley is the more adventerous of the two and was the first to explore our 3 by 6 C&C cage. She is the one who gobbles down her food and runs on our laps.
Micky, is the more easy going one who is content to sit on your lap nibbling on her carrot. I'll try and load some pictures on as soon as i can!
Thank you for the wonderful information. If I hadn't seen this site before i got my girls, I think I might have gotton them from a petstore!:ohmy:

05-21-08, 05:43 pm
Sorry to double post but I couldn't find the edit button. There cage is actually a three by four!

05-21-08, 06:36 pm
Hi! Nice to meet you!

Harrys Dad
05-21-08, 07:07 pm
Welcome to the world of the posting people. :)