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05-19-08, 11:04 am
I am not sure what to do. My pigs, Callie and Amber, both have the symptoms of mites. Bald spots, excessive itching, scabs. I have called all over this morning trying to find a vet that will see them. None of them treat guinea pigs. So I have done my own research and think I will get some Ivermectin from the feed store.
What do I ask for?
Will it be topical or oral?
What is the dosage and how is it given?
Sorry for so many questions, but I don't want to do this wrong and hurt my girls! Any other advice?
--oh....Can my family or my cats get mites?

Thank you for your time!

05-19-08, 11:27 am
Mites are species specific, you or your other pets can't get them. Any vet can treat mites, although a cavy savvy vet's better. That being said, any feed store sells it and so does Tractor Supply Company if you have one near. Look for Topical Ivomec. It's used in Horses and cattle. Here is link to GL that tells you how to dose.

Guinea Lynx :: Ivermectin Topical Treatment (http://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin_topical.html)

05-19-08, 01:29 pm
Thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately, I still can't get any help. I have called the area feed stores, they don't carry topical Ivermectin. The smallest bottle they can order is a gallon and is $75. We just can't afford that, can't afford much lately. I am miserable watching my darling Callie itch so much.
I called the vet back and asked if they could do anything to help me, they just referred me to another vet and that vet did the same.
Is there any home remedies or anything that I could try?
Thank you....

05-19-08, 01:54 pm
Find a rescue near you that has pigs. Sometimes they have Ivomec on hand and will sell you some to treat the mites. If not, they can refer you to the vet they use. There are no home remedies that are even safe to try on pigs. Try every last possibility you can, mites are fatal if not treated, and it's a very horrible death, good luck.

edit: It may also help if you ask for horse paste. Sometimes they call it that as well

05-19-08, 01:58 pm
You can order the topical ivermec online for cheaper but usually the feed stores have the horse paste. Just make sure it is only ivermec.

05-19-08, 06:05 pm
If I find the horse paste...what is the dosage? I am scared to overdose.

05-19-08, 07:09 pm
If you go to guinealynx, it tells you the dosage Guinea Lynx :: Ivermectin Products (http://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin_products.html#paste)

But if you post your guinea pig's weight in the forums there, they can help you figure out the dosage.

You need a 1cc syringe too.

05-21-08, 09:59 am
Thank you all for your help. I ended up finding a vet several miles from us who takes exotics. She told me that they use Revolution on the guinea pigs that they see. She said to use:
*the less <5 lb. prescription of cat Revolution.
*1/2 of that dose on one pig,
*1/2 on the other pig
*Repeat in one month
We went to our vet and got it and gave it to Amber and Callie. I guess now we just have to wait. They seemed to be scratching more than before, but the vet said that was because the mites were on the move and dying. So I guess that is good news, even if they seem miserable. :-(
I will let you know how it goes.
Again, Thank you for your help!