View Full Version : scratching in one area means...mites?

05-19-08, 02:16 am
My piggie, Ghirardelli (we call her Delli though), scratches with her hind feet close to her shoulder blades. She has been scratching pretty often, but I only really noticed it after I gave her a bath (for crawling in the dust and whatever else is under the couch). But she doesn't turn her head to bite herself, so does it mean she's only trying to get off the scabs? And that it's not mites?

Just a few seconds ago she was twitching and squeaked a little. Kind of like when something is itching on your leg and you don't scratch it, and you reflectively twitch. Yeah, that's what she did a couple times with a squeak. What does that mean? Mites?

If she is pregnant then would that shot that vets give to kill the mites (yeah I forgot the name) harm her pups? And does anyone know any good vets in Oahu?

05-19-08, 10:06 am
She may just have dry skin from the shampoo you used on her if its something new she's not used to. I can't remember the name, but there alot of good sugestions for guinea shampoo on this site, just do a search and I'm sure you'll find it. What makes you think she might be pregnant? Is she living with an unaltered male? If so you need to seperate them and either get the male neutered before you house them together or just get a female companion for her. Anyways, if you think she is uncomfortable and maybe pregnant you should take her to a vet to have them check her out.

05-19-08, 11:41 am
I would think it is mites in this case from what you are describing. Bathing a pig with mites aggrevates the mites. So if you gave her a bath, she's probably in more pain now than she was. She will need ivermectin or advantage. If ivermectin is used, she will need at least 3 treatments spaced 7-10 days apart. It won't harm the unborn pups if she is pregnant. If you have other pigs, they all need to be treated at the same time otherwise mites will spread back and forth. In the meantime, no more baths at all because you will only further aggrevate the mites and make your pigs problem worse.

There is a member here by the name of cavyinhawaii although I am not sure what Island she lives on, but if you pm her, she may be able to help you find a cavy savvy vet.

05-20-08, 02:40 am
Okay, thanks for the help guys. I'll take her in to the vet ASAP.

05-27-08, 09:36 am
Is there any amount of scratching that would be considered not a problem? It would seem to me that an occasional scratching would be OK and not necessarily a sign of mites or other problems. Any comments on "how much" scratching is a red flag would be appreciated.