View Full Version : Hair loss on nose.

05-18-08, 07:36 pm
One of my pigs has had slightly increasing hair loss on one side of his nose. Start a few days ago, and it's just now quite noticeable. Could it be a fungal infection? Both the pigs have had crusties on the outer part of their eyes, though only one with the nose thing.

Should I go ahead and take them to the vet?

05-18-08, 08:37 pm
I would take them to the vet now. Better safe than sorry. It could be nothing, or just stress from coming from the shelter to your house, but if it were me I'd rather get them in straight away than wait a week or more and find out it was something that should have been treated earlier.

05-18-08, 08:43 pm
Yes, a vet visit is a good idea.