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05-18-08, 06:50 pm
and it was still born. will the rest live? we just seprated her in a seperate cage with paper towels, food, alfalfa hay, and water. we already buried the dead youngin, just want to know if there is anything else we need to do other then wait it out? thanks


05-18-08, 06:53 pm
Seperated who? You would also need to put some grass hay in with the pigs.

05-18-08, 06:57 pm
I have two female that are rescues. one of them was/is pregnant. there names are Ms. Piggy and Fatty Patty. Well Fatty Patty had a baby.

There is alsways Timothy hay in the cage and lots of it, along with food water, hides etc.

05-18-08, 07:00 pm
Was there just one pup born? You didn't need to separate the female pigs.

05-18-08, 07:02 pm
Yes, only one pup was born so far. We seperated them because we wanted the mother in a quieter room to have more if she will and to have them on paper towels and not aspen. Should i put them back together and let nature take it course?

05-18-08, 08:37 pm
So there are still babies inside her? Is she alert?

You should take her to a vet if she has retained babies. It isn't normal for labor to last so long.

05-18-08, 09:10 pm
She is alert and running around eating. Does this mean she will have some more. Im not sure if there are any more in her or not. Is there anything special that I need to do if/when she has the babies?

Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.

05-18-08, 09:46 pm
You need to take her to a vet and have an ultrasound if you think she may still have babies inside her. She may only have had the one. You'd need to take her to a vet to make sure.

Here Guinea Lynx :: Labor (http://www.guinealynx.info/labor.html)

Have you been weighing her?

05-19-08, 06:20 am
She is at the vet now, my wife works there. We have not been weighing her, she is a rescue and we have only had her for two weeks. We got her for free along with the one she is with from my wifes clinic, becuase they didnt want people getting them as pet food. Man just when they were getting used to us she drops a baby.

05-20-08, 06:07 pm
In case y'all wanted to know, or cared. she is doing well, no more babies in her and she is active as usual. She is eating normal and is back to her healthy, happy self. Thanks for the help

05-20-08, 07:17 pm
Good to hear. We will all want to ooh and aah over picture if you can post them.

05-24-08, 08:43 pm
DosLunas, It will probably be a good idea to start a new thread. That way more people can answer your questions. Since this question was about their guinea pig jsut had a baby and where you think your guinea pig is pregnant. Hope all goes well with your piggies. Good luck.

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05-24-08, 09:37 pm
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