View Full Version : How Much Should Female Guinea Pigs Weigh?

05-17-08, 06:05 am
I've been looking at different sites which each have different figures for what female guinea pigs should weigh. One of mine weighs 825g and other 975g. Neither have lost any weight or put any on over the last couple of months. Is this a healthy weight? They are about 10 months old. The lighter one is a peruvian and the other an abysinnian (sp?).

05-17-08, 06:29 am
They are small, but ok. I have 5 girls. 2 are a year old and weigh between 1kg and 1.1kg, Lily is also a year old and weighs between 900g and 950g. Rosie is 9 months and weighs 1kg. Ella who came to me incredibly sick, and had to be handfeed aggressively for a week before she would eat by herself is still recovering and pathetically small for her age. She is 9 weeks old now and only just topped the 400g mark.

05-18-08, 04:56 am
Thank you for that. It's put my mind at rest. My friend's guinea pigs seem huge in comparison to mine and I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong.

05-18-08, 09:59 am
Since were on the topic anyways, I was also wondering if the weight of my male pigs is ok. They are both around 2 1/2years old, Midnight weighs 1360grams and Ralphy weighs 1130grams. Does that sound right. The numbers seem big to me but I think thats because its measured in grams.

05-18-08, 07:07 pm
Again, sounds fine to me. Males are generally bigger then females.