View Full Version : Washing fleece and bedding underneath

05-17-08, 12:24 am
I was just wondering if you could use detergent on the fleece after you've done the initial three to four washes without. I wash my fleece and mattress pad together and have only been using vinegar in with it to clean it. Is it okay to use detergent on the fleece or will that ruin the wicking of moisture? And is the vinegar enough to clean it. Just wondering (it seems kinda gross to not use detergent when washing pee off this stuff).

05-17-08, 10:05 am
No, it won't ruin the wicking properties. Detergent or laundry soap will help cut the oils and butt rubs as well as deodorize better. Just don't use fabric softener, as that will ruin the wicking. Because of respiratory issues with one of my boys, I prefer to use unscented laundry soap.

05-17-08, 11:34 am
You should use unscented laundry detergent, we use a All free clear, that has no dyes or perfumes, because several of us have skin allergies.