View Full Version : Hi we are new!

05-14-08, 11:29 pm
Hello everyone! we are new around here and are wanting to introduce ourselves.There are Ten of us in total:) we are all older girls that our mum rescued from bad situations or from refuges.Our favourite pass times are sunbathing and being mean to mum's cat's and dogs( not to worry they do not want to eat us ).We are very sweet and have finally made it to a safe retirement :love:

05-15-08, 10:05 am
Hello and Welcome! :)

Sounds like you have a nice herd! Please post some photos of your cuties if you can.


05-15-08, 07:35 pm
Yes, we would love to see pigtures of your retirement community. It takes a special person to adopt and take care of older pigs. Thank you!

05-19-08, 03:33 am
http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll80/cuddlespigs/jesspicsmay08002.jpgThis is my nanna Sally more pics will come just have been verry busy with work lately:love: :love: